Boys will be Men


Boys will be boys isn’t entirely true. For Boys are boys.

Boys are intelligent, discovering the world.

Boys are inquisitive, searching for answers.

Boys will be helpful, solving problems as they see them.

Boys will be kind, giving friends and family what they need.

Boys will be loving, their heart open and full.

Boys will be respectful, making others enjoy their presence.

But boys are not boys forever.

Boys will be men one day. They will grow to be so many things.

Men will be caregivers, loving and full of compassion.

Men will be understanding and lend compassion when it’s needed.

Men will be supportive partners, and active members of their family

Men will be nurturing, helping all things to grow.

Men will be sensitive, letting their heart be seen.

So boys won’t be boys. Boys will be men- in need of a variety of skills.

So remember as you raise your boys- they won’t be boys, but men.

Discipline at BBLA

When it comes to discipline with young children our philosophy is using positive guidance strategies. We redirect, catch them being good, and use the environment as a tool. With these combined methods we see happy classrooms, filled with happy children, making great choices. The best part? These are methods that work really well not just at school, but at home as well.

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Raising Adults

Guess what? You are raising the next generation. It’s an incredible honor, gift, and privilege that I get to do it with you. Together, I get to help countless families to nurture and grow the next group of humans. You likely raise them knowing that they will go on to do amazing things. You are raising community leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and all sorts of other AMAZING paths. Right now these future community leaders are children.

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Snappy Comebacks for Working Parents

In all seriousness- if someone is questioning your parenting you owe them no explanation. At Bright Beginnings we understand the complex emotions and logistics that going into being a working parent. It’s no easy task, but the lessons you are teaching your children are important. You make the best choices for your family, and that is all that matters.

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Presenting Creative Art to Children

Art is a time for children to explore concepts beyond creating something beautiful. Art is a time for children to explore math and science concepts, in addition to confidence and independence. When we present art to children we want to be focused on the process, not the product. The children should have free range of the materials, and support to explore as they wish.

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Ever Silent Ever Present

Mommy guilt, or daddy guilt, is a real thing. Our current social climate creates a frenzy of parents who want to be doing everything 100% correct all the time. That is a lot of pressure to put on yourself, and no doubt leads to feelings of guilt. I’m not sure if it has to do with the extensive research we have on caregiving, or the over-sharing of today’s digital parents- but the pressure to be perfect is overwhelming. Here’s my 5 top tips for avoiding mommy-guilt

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