Snappy Comebacks for Working Parents

They say “Don’t you miss your baby while you work?”

You say “I do miss him the whole day. It makes our time together infinitely better, since now I crave his company.”

They say “Aren’t you worried about her while she’s at school?”

You say “The only thing I’m worried about his her crying when I pick her up because she doesn’t want to leave.”

They say “Aren’t you worried about someone else raising your child?”

You say “They are caring for him under the guidelines that I set. I’m so grateful that I have a village who helps me raise my child to be happy and safe.”

They say “Does he cry when you drop him off?”

You say “She usually runs and plays right away. She hardly notices that I leave.”

They say “Don’t you have family who could help?”

You say “I have plenty of family who sees him often. I enjoy letting them be only family so that the time they spend together is extra special."

“Why do you have to leave them with a stranger?”

You say “Her school is excellent, and they've known her almost her entire life. So they don’t feel like strangers at all.”

They Say “Don’t you wish you could stay home?”

You Say “It’s important for my child to see their parent as a career person. We talk about what I do at work, and they are proud of me. I’m teaching them to be hard working like me.”


In all seriousness- if someone is questioning your parenting you owe them no explanation. At Bright Beginnings we understand the complex emotions and logistics that going into being a working parent. It’s no easy task, but the lessons you are teaching your children are important. You make the best choices for your family, and that is all that matters.