Discipline at BBLA

When it comes to discipline with young children our philosophy is using positive guidance strategies. We redirect, catch them being good, and use the environment as a tool. With these combined methods we see happy classrooms, filled with happy children, making great choices. The best part? These are methods that work really well not just at school, but at home as well.

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Snappy Comebacks for Working Parents

In all seriousness- if someone is questioning your parenting you owe them no explanation. At Bright Beginnings we understand the complex emotions and logistics that going into being a working parent. It’s no easy task, but the lessons you are teaching your children are important. You make the best choices for your family, and that is all that matters.

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Nanny, Daycare, Preschool Oh My!

Home daycare, preschool, nanny- which is right for you? Check out our simple list of pros and cons to see what best fits your family’s needs.

Home daycare

This is care in a group setting in someone’s personal home. This center is licensed, and has somewhat regular licensing visits.


Often small groups

Possible expert within certain age range

Family Feel

Often the cheapest options


Less licensing requirements

If caregiver is sick/injured care could be disrupted

Might give less structure/enrichment to some age groups

Could potential have many adults in and out daily


This is a single person who typically cares for 1 or 2 families in their home. This person can be hired through an agency, or independently by families.


Personalized caregiving

Very low ratio of adults to kids

Can help around the house with child related tasks

Can customize hours/days directly as needed

May be comfortable helping around the house


Typically the most expensive type of care

Could give less socialization

Not governed by any licensing body

If your nanny is sick or on vacation you’re responsible for finding backup care

Higher chance of nanny resigning or ending care

Preschool Center

This is a center outside of someone’s home, with multiple children typically divided by age into their own classes. They have strict licensing requirements and regular visits.


Strict requirements for care

No unexpected days without care

Multiple levels of experience for working through developmental problems

Multiple experts for you to seek advise or wisdom from 

Continuity of care as child matures

Potential ability to care for multiple age groups, and thus multiple of your children.


Higher ratio

Potentially less flexible schedule


***Since there is so much variety in styles of care giving, it can be hard to list accurate pros and cons, we’ve done our best to imagine a generic version, and set pros and cons as we see them. ***

Rainy Days at Preschool

I woke up early this morning. The air was fresh and crisp, I could hear rain falling from the roof. Last night we prepared for the storm. I covered the hay, blanketed the horses that live in my front yard, made sure the dog leashes were handy, and made myself a cup of evening tea.

This morning it was raining. Actually it was pouring. A true San Diego downpour.

I drove to work thankful for the new tires on my car. Us Sandiegans are rarely prepared for an ill road conditions. My commute was breezy, half of the drivers must have stayed home or left late.

I pulled up to work, and Bright Beginnings Learning Academy was humming. The children had galoshes, raincoats, and umbrellas. The smile they wore were the brightest.

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The Elf is Back

Is your Elf back? Is it your first year with an elf on a shelf? Are your children amazed and amused by the elf’s mischief or silliness? Or do you despise that imaginary new tradition? 

Let's dig a little deeper into this elf on a shelf.


Historically Santa has been parent’s most used consequence during the month of December. “You best pick up your toys, or Santa won’t bring you any.” “Go put your shoes on, Santa is watch!”

But in recent years we’ve met Santa’s helper- the elf on the shelf.

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Being Sorry, Not Saying Sorry

“Say you are sorry!” A mother demands.

Her child shouts the words “I’m sorry!” while he still pulls the toy out of their friend’s hands.


Words have value and purpose. We have this wonderful, colorful vocabulary to discuss how we feel and see the world. We use our words to convey thoughts, ideas, passions, to grow and help others to grow. One of the most wonderful things we teach our children is to speak. More importantly than teaching them letters, words, and sentences is teaching them the meaning behind the syllables.

So how do we teach young children empathy? And what can we do that will be more effective than forcing them to repeat “I’m sorry.” in a mocking bird fashion?

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STEM Activities for Preschoolers

Young children are so eager to learn, but what exactly qualifies as math/science/engineering activities for preschoolers?

At Bright Beginnings Learning Academy we enjoy teaching stem activities and projects to our preschoolers. Let us lay out a few activities and how those are math, science, and engineering for preschoolers. We believe children learn best through play, all of our STEM activities are play based, and easily integrated in their day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right preschool is pretty important for you and your child both. We often hear parents wondering “How do I find a preschool in my area?” We encourage you to look for schools on your typical daily routes. You can always go to google, asking “preschool within 10 miles of me” it should give you plenty of results.

Once you’ve found a few preschools that peak your interest, give them a call and tour the facility. Knowing what to ask before hand can make it clear which school is right for you. Use our Q&A list below to ask the directors on your tour.

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