Beyond Your Neighborhood Preschool

There are obviously, some great conveniences to choosing a preschool near you. But we believe it might be worth looking beyond your neighborhood school.

neighborhood preschool

1. Curriculum matters.

The curriculum your child is exposed to matters so much. At Bright Beginnings we believe in redirection, positive guidance strategies, and an emergent reggio emilia inspired learning style.  We believe that these inspire, and encourage children. We want them to seek out learning opportunities through play, and to build self esteem. We have seen that this works for the vast majority of children, but not all children thrive in this environment. This is why it matters. Your neighborhood preschool may not be the environment your child thrives in. Oftentimes behavior problems in young children are a direct result of a care giving philosophies that just doesn’t work for their unique personality.

2. Experience is king.

Your neighborhood preschool may be shiny new and full of beautiful brand new toys. But if the director doesn’t have experience directing it can be a challenge to figure out. The learning curve is steep. We fully believe in supporting new and growing businesses, but if you aren’t the personality type to swing with the curve and make adjustments, you might want to seek out a more established school. The directors at Bright Beginnings can surely tell you we’ve all learned countless lessons over the years BBLa has been open (in the works since 2005!)

3. You need to go to work.

If your neighborhood school isn’t the right fit, going to work could become a struggle. You may be called back for early pickup, or just find dropping your child off emotionally challenging. We tell our new parents that you have to go to work, and that means you need to be comfortable with where your child is attending school. That comfort is going to allow you to drop your child off with a smile, and focus on your work without the distraction of wondering how they are doing at school. 

4. Peace of mind is priceless.

Remember that emotional comfort from #3? It is literally priceless. If your neighborhood preschool isn’t giving you that comfort, it’s likely worth your time, gas, energy, and money to find a better fit. Because the first 5 years of your child’s life are the most impactful for the rest of their life. Did you know personality is set by age 5? These are literally the most important years of your child’s life, and the preschool they attend matters beyond measure.