Ending the Crying Drop Off

If your child cries when you drop them off at preschool it is likely the most uncomfortable part of your morning. The dreaded crying drop off. If your child cries at school drop off you can teach them to drop off without tears. It takes consistency, dedication, and being comfortable with their care.

You need a consistent routine.

This routine means each morning is nearly identical. Maybe your routine looks like wake up, morning snuggles with mom for 5 minutes, breakfast, a little play time, then you jump into the car and head to preschool.

It is very important for your child to arrive at school at the same time everyday.

This will ensure they know what to expect once they do arrive, which is very important for young children to be comfortable.

The most important step in ending the crying school drop off is a quick goodbye.

Stay under five minutes, and once you say goodbye leave. I know it’s hard, but don’t apologize to your child for leaving them at school.

Avoid phrases like “You’re okay, I’m still here.” because your preschooler may be hearing “You’re not ok when I leave.” Instead use phrases like “You are going to have so much fun at school today.” “I love you so much, that’s why I bring you to school to have fun!”

Remember, quick goodbye, positive phrases, and once you say goodbye leave promptly. Chances are once you’re out of eyesight they stop crying in just a few minutes.

If your child is crying when you are dropping them off at preschool you need to be dedicated.

Find your routine and dedicate yourself to it. Find the positive phrases that feel authentic to you, and use them.

Most adjustments with children take at least 5 days of consistency.

If your child is in school part time it could take them longer to adjust. Stay the course, and trust that it will get better.

You must feel confident dropping them off at preschool.

If you know that your child is going to have a great day you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking them to school. You shouldn’t feel guilty about going to work and providing for them. You should feel like the most awesome parent ever for making sure your child is well cared for, getting a jump start on their education, and having so much fun at school.

Make sure that you are comfortable with the preschool your child attends.

If you are uneasy about dropping them off, they are going to feel that from you. We can’t stress enough the importance of believing in the quality care your child receives.

If you stay consistent, use positive phrases, give a quick goodbye, and feel confident, this phase will end soon. The dreaded crying drop off will end, and soon you’re child will bound into class and jump straight into the fun.