Potty Training for Preschool- Is It a Must?

If your child isn’t potty trained yet, but you’re ready to start school you may be wondering “does my child need to be potty training for preschool?” We’re here to say not at Bright Beginnings. We enroll children who aren’t potty training yet for quite a few reasons.

We care for infants and toddlers.

baby potty training


This means that we plan on potty training all of the children who age into our preschool program. All of our teachers are experts in supporting children who are still toilet-learning. With as much experience as our teachers have, they’ll be able to make a custom plan with you that will be the perfect fit for your child.

Most children regress, or have accidents after potty training.

We don’t want to add any pressure to you or your child. Big life changes like moving, having a new sibling, starting school itself, or any changes at home can and often do lead to potty training regressions. We never send a child home because they are having accidents, instead we work with you to help your child be successful and stay dry all day.

We don’t think potty training before preschool should be a factor on your child’s early education.

preschooler potty training

There are so many reasons why children aren’t potty trained yet. We so passionately believe in giving your child a jump start on a lifelong love of learning. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your child’s early education. School shouldn’t be delayed because you’re potty training first.

So, does your preschooler need to be potty trained? Not at Bright Beginnings Learning Academy.