Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right preschool is pretty important for you and your child both. We often hear parents wondering “How do I find a preschool in my area?” We encourage you to look for schools on your typical daily routes. You can always go to google, asking “preschool within 10 miles of me” it should give you plenty of results.

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Once you’ve found a few preschools that peak your interest, give them a call and tour the facility. Knowing what to ask before hand can make it clear which school is right for you. Use our Q&A list below to ask the directors on your tour.


Q- What is your teaching philosophy?

A- We follow a Reggio Emilio influenced philosophy. Our teachers facilitate engaging activities where children learn through play.


Q- What ratios do you follow?

A- In our infant room we are always at least the state ratio of 4 children to 1 teacher, often we have more teachers per children than that.

In our preschool program the state ratio is 1 teacher to 12 students. We always have 1 teacher to 10 students, and with additional  children bring in an aide.


Q- Is food included?

A- Our preschool program includes 2 snacks and lunch daily. Our school is nut free. We can make dietary accommodations, we are familiar with vegetarian or lactose intolerant meals for children.

Our meal program includes a balanced diet, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. All food is prepared fresh onsite daily. 


Q- What is your discipline policy?

A- We are strong supporters in redirection methodology. If a friend is making poor choice in one part of the classroom we will guide them to a different area. Occasionally students may want to ‘take a break’ and find a quiet place by themselves to work on puzzles or read books. We do not use time out. If a child were to be aggressive towards the teachers or other children they will be picked up from class that day, and an action plan will be formed with the parents to ensure their success both at home and at school.


Q- What is your sick policy?

A- All students will be sent home from school if they have any vomiting, diarrhea, fever, or rash. Students must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. We are aware and considerate of the symptoms children can have while teething.


Q- What qualifications do your teachers have?

A- Our lead teachers are all fully qualified teachers. Our infant teachers must take additional courses specific to teaching infants. The majority of our aids are working towards their degree in child development. We require that even our seasoned teachers take one workshop or class per year to further their education.


Q- What is security like on campus?

A- Our campus is kept locked during the majority of the school day. We have a security gate in the front of our center. Our parents have the security code to let themselves in.

When picking up your child we ask for ID’s until we recognize you. We ask that if someone new is picking up you let the teacher be made aware, and remind them to bring a photo ID.

We at Bright Beginnings Believe that you should feel 100% confident with the center you choose for your child. When you’re picking a preschool, or daycare for your child we urge you to come in and tour the facility. Make sure you feel at ease with the environment, and staff. If you are comfortable, your child will be able to better enjoy their day spent learning and playing.