Raising Adults

Guess what? You are raising the next generation. It’s an incredible honor, gift, and privilege that I get to do it with you. Together, I get to help countless families to nurture and grow the next group of humans. You likely raise them knowing that they will go on to do amazing things. You are raising community leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and all sorts of other AMAZING paths. Right now these future community leaders are children.


The beautiful, naive, and innocent phase lasts well under 20 years. The other 60+ of these special little tiny humans lives will be spent as adults. That’s the majority of their life, and that’s who you are raising. You are raising future adults. Full fledged humans, with important roles in making the world a better place. Do you see that? Do you realize the power that lays in the hands and minds of your now-children-future-adults?

The magnitude isn’t lost on me. In fact I see it as tremendously important. It is why I have dedicated my life to supporting, educating, and inspiring parents. Our combined efforts have a direct impact on the future of our entire world. That is huge.

When you see your children do you see the future adults you are shaping? Or do you see the bundle of joy you just want to sleep through the night and sit quietly in the grocery cart while you try to shop?

Are you empowering and encouraging your children through daily life? Are you taking the time to explain the world to them? It does take more time and energy. I realize this is no easy task. Rather than rushing through our day getting from point A to point B, we can follow our children’s lead and answer the thoughtful questions they ask. Because when we stop answering them thoughtfully, they stop asking thoughtfully. We want our children to be inquisitive since asking questions is how they learn.

I know you want your children to be an incredible person. Are you giving them the skills to do it? Are you asking them to question why the world works the way it does? Or are they blindly following societal standards? Are you raising inquisitive humans? Do your children know how incredibly special and intelligent they are? When you talk to them do you explain in appropriate detail? Or do you answer simply and quickly?

The way I see it, difference between raising children and adults is drastic. I want your children to feel valuable, important, and special. I want to take the time to move slowly with them so they feel powerful, happy, and fulfilled. I want to punish less, and empower more. I want the child who needs more of me, to get more of me. I want to teach every child the important skills they will need to function happily in this adult world. I want to affect their developing brain to create more oxytocin- the chemical that makes them happier.

Did you know that as parents and educators we can actually CREATE more oxytocin in the developing brains of children? Let me tell you, as adults in the adult world they will need all the positivity and joy they can get. I want the next generation to be happier than the last.

When you teach your child social skills teach them to be tiny adults. Have them ask intelligent questions about intelligent concepts. Encourage them to use critical thinking skills, and to be independent. Teach them how to cook, clean, care for themselves, and others. Teach them empathy not sympathy. Teach them emotional intelligence. And above all else- teach your children that they are special, created out of love and with purpose. Because if they know they have purpose they will live a happy fulfilled life as an adult.