Top 5 Potty Training Tips

Potty training, or learning if you’d prefer, can feel like a big job. It can feel intimidating as a parent to know exactly what to do and how to best prepare your child for success. Here’s our top 5 tips.


1) Remember nobody able bodied wears diapers forever.

Take the pressure off of yourself and your child. They will use the toilet when they are ready. Pushing them to go before they are ready will lead to stress for you both, accidents, and probably some tears.

2) It’s okay to put it away and try again.

If you attempt to start potty training, and realize your child isn’t ready that is okay. Every person is different, some children are ready at 20 months old, other children really aren’t ready until they are closer to 4 years old. It is okay. See tip number one- they will be ready eventually.

3) Take off the pressure.

The number one goal of early potty training is just to be comfortable on the potty. For your child not to be scared or intimidated is very important. It’s also wise to remember that you can’t force this. Your child has all the power, and we must respect that. Make the potty an area of high praise and lots of joy.

4) Accidents are no big deal.

Let your children know during early potty training that accidents are just part of the gig. We recommend having your child involved in cleaning up the accidents. Have them peel their own pants off, and wipe their legs. Of course only as they are capable of, and provide all the helps and support they need. The idea of having them help is simply so that they are aware of the natural consequence, and a chance to teach proper hygiene . We have an accident, we have to clean ourself up.

5) Timing is everything.

There are many physical signs your baby is ready for potty training- including waking up dry, and hiding when they poop. But the emotional timing is important too. Big life changes are stressful for kids, and potty training can be too much for them to handle. If you are bringing in a new sibling, moving, changing or starting preschool, or any other stressful event- wait to potty train. I know the temptation can be there to get your oldest out of diapers before baby sibling is here, but you’re going to be so busy with two babies, adding potty training could be too much for YOU to handle. That’s okay. Again, see tip #1- they will use the toilet when the timing is right.