Boys will be Men


Boys will be boys isn’t entirely true. For Boys are boys.

Boys are intelligent, discovering the world.

Boys are inquisitive, searching for answers.

Boys will be helpful, solving problems as they see them.

Boys will be kind, giving friends and family what they need.

Boys will be loving, their heart open and full.

Boys will be respectful, making others enjoy their presence.

But boys are not boys forever.

Boys will be men one day. They will grow to be so many things.

Men will be caregivers, loving and full of compassion.

Men will be understanding and lend compassion when it’s needed.

Men will be supportive partners, and active members of their family

Men will be nurturing, helping all things to grow.

Men will be sensitive, letting their heart be seen.

So boys won’t be boys. Boys will be men- in need of a variety of skills.

So remember as you raise your boys- they won’t be boys, but men.