The First Day of Preschool

It’s almost a right of passage, everyone has a first day of school. It can be filled with all sorts of feelings. Some children are SO beyond excited! While others are feeling a little nervous for the big event. Here’s our top 4 tips to make the first day of school go amazingly well for your preschooler.


1)Present school joyfully.

When you tell your child the big news- they get to go to school, do it without wavering. Tell them like it’s the greatest thing to happen. “Guess what? In 2 weeks, you get to go to school! You’re going to have so much fun, and learn so many new things. Your teacher Ms. Tayler is the best, and you’ll make all sorts of new friends!” Tell them like there’s no option other than fun, and do so authentically.

2)Stay mindful of what you say about school.

Be really aware of what you say, even if you aren’t talking to your little one. Don’t share stories of stressful schooling moments, nothing but joy. You are imprinting on your child, and even a small comment like “I’m going to miss you!” could turn school from excitement, to nerves. Don’t offer them anything other than joy.

3) Aim to arrive early.

If you plan to arrive very early, it will get rid of so much of your stress. There’s nothing quite like running late, add a 3 year old to it, and running late is the worst. So stay early. It will take so much stress off of you and your preschooler. If you end up too early, you get a chance to stay with your preschooler for a few minutes. Or if your preschooler would do better with a quick drop off, you get a chance to treat yourself with that starbucks you deserve.

4)Be authentically excited with them.

Your child will be as excited about school as you are. And you should be so excited. Going to school is a big deal for your little one. They are likely going to spend the next 20 or so years in school, so this starts a large phase of their life. You want them to love school, and it starts here, in preschool. Remember what a gift learning is, and be proud that you get to give that gift to your children.