Discipline at BBLA

When it comes to discipline with young children our philosophy is using positive guidance strategies. We redirect, catch them being good, and use the environment as a tool. With these combined methods we see happy classrooms, filled with happy children, making great choices. The best part? These are methods that work really well not just at school, but at home as well.

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Presenting Creative Art to Children

Art is a time for children to explore concepts beyond creating something beautiful. Art is a time for children to explore math and science concepts, in addition to confidence and independence. When we present art to children we want to be focused on the process, not the product. The children should have free range of the materials, and support to explore as they wish.

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Being Sorry, Not Saying Sorry

“Say you are sorry!” A mother demands.

Her child shouts the words “I’m sorry!” while he still pulls the toy out of their friend’s hands.


Words have value and purpose. We have this wonderful, colorful vocabulary to discuss how we feel and see the world. We use our words to convey thoughts, ideas, passions, to grow and help others to grow. One of the most wonderful things we teach our children is to speak. More importantly than teaching them letters, words, and sentences is teaching them the meaning behind the syllables.

So how do we teach young children empathy? And what can we do that will be more effective than forcing them to repeat “I’m sorry.” in a mocking bird fashion?

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STEM Activities for Preschoolers

Young children are so eager to learn, but what exactly qualifies as math/science/engineering activities for preschoolers?

At Bright Beginnings Learning Academy we enjoy teaching stem activities and projects to our preschoolers. Let us lay out a few activities and how those are math, science, and engineering for preschoolers. We believe children learn best through play, all of our STEM activities are play based, and easily integrated in their day.

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Using the 5S’s

Happy babies are excited to be held and smile with you, then quickly find something fun to do when you set them down. Happy babies love to be cuddled with their bottle before sleep, and drift into a deep slumber by themselves in their crib. Happy babies love that diaper changes are special one on one time where they get to see their caregiver’s face, sing songs, and be part of the process. Happy babies know their limits, and have boundaries that keep them safe.

But what about when the babies aren’t happy?

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Soothing an Overstimulated Baby

When you have an overstimulated baby it can be hard for everyone involved. A baby who is overstimulated seems inconsolable. They might be purple crying, or screaming without even opening their eyes. You know that they are hungry, but they just cry and won’t latch. You know they are tired, but they just cry and won’t relax in your arms. An overstimulated baby can seem like a real test of your caregiving abilities.

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