Safe Sleep Habits

At Bright Beginnings we believe providing safe care for children is of the utmost importance. One area we facilitate safety is during nap time. For preschoolers safe sleep is pretty basic, but for our infants there are a few more rules we follow.

safe sleep.jpg

The American Academy or Pediatrics ( AAP) has outlined some guidelines for safe sleep. These guidelines are called the ABC’s of safe sleep, and that’s what we follow.


Babies are by themselves in their cribs. They don’t have pillows, loose blankets, bumpers, bibs, stuffed animals with them.

When we swaddle, and my how we love to swaddle, the babies are not rolling over yet and not nearing this milestone.


Our babies are always placed on their backs in their crib. AAP has deemed it safe for babies who roll onto their stomach to sleep there, so at that point those children may sleep on their bellies. It seems like the majority of children sleep deeper when they are on their bellies.


All of our tiny friends begin their naptime in their own crib. It’s always in the same spot so they have a familiar place to rest.

We transition out of the crib and onto a nap mat when the children are pulling up or standing in their crib. This is deemed the safest option because we don’t want anyone to fall in their crib. This transition is usually met eagerly, as the children almost seem more comfortable on nap mats.

We hang this handy poster in our classrooms.

It is a great reminder of the simple ABC's to safe sleep.

If you’d like to hang it in your nursery we’ve made it downloadable HERE.