From Humble Beginnings

Bright Beginnings Learning Academy was founded by Mikki Rainney and Brooklyn Cave in 2010. Together they wrote the policies and procedures as well as the handbooks from ground up. Securing a location for our school had been an initial struggle. In the beginning the preschool was intended to be a for-profit business as the Rainney’s financed the school. When we found ourselves renting space from a Church we were required to register as a 501C3 non-profit. We didn’t realize this was a blessing in disguise. Being a religious non-profit gave us some major financial benefits. It also gives us the ability to fundraise, accept donations, grants, and other benefits.

Babies in Wagon.jpg

At our first location, 5185 Acuna St. (where we stayed for 7 years), the school began with two classrooms. Mikki taught the infants, and Brooklyn the preschoolers. A door was located between the classrooms. They would open the door during nap time, or to swap groups. Often Mikki would take the preschool class to prepare lunch as a group. These are the humble beginnings we look back on when reflect on where our school began.

The property sold and the new owners were going to renew our soon to expire lease. They they realized that they required more space. In fact they realized they would need ALL the space on campus. This left Bright Beginnings with a secured campus.

Moving a school is a huge job. We need to secure a nearby location so our families and staff can stay with us. We also need to find a property that licensing will approve. This means having all the permits in place, then we have to actually get licensed. This can takes months. We didn’t have months.

Mikki, Brielle, and Brooklyn had meetings all over San Diego trying to find a new location. We were incredibly fortunate to find a BEAUTIFUL school only a few miles down the road. All our families and staff came with us to the new campus. We lost not a single child! As an added bonus- the support we received from the pastor and his wife was something we’d never experienced. They desired our school, and want to see us continue providing safe nurturing educational care to our San Diegan families.

We moved into 3219 Clairemont Mesa Blvd in June of 2017. We moved in before the current school had moved out. The Pastor shared with us the space that was available. The plan was to expand into new classrooms when the current school moved.

Our school is providing San Diegan families with a sense of  community. Our purpose and mission is to provide enriched, safe and  loving care of the children. This care provides our parents with peace of mind. It is of the utmost importance to build and maintain relationships with our families so that each family feels valued.

Our story is ever evolving as our school changes and grows to meet the needs of our community. But this is where we come from, and where we are. The humble beginnings of our school are a driving force, and source of our home like family feel. When we reflect on where we were, and use that to project where Bright Beginnings is headed.